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「HKIRC要改變,請投1號Ping Wong!」 支持者:David Webb、Dr. Robin Bradbeer、吳其彥教授及鄭斌彬創業者

「HKIRC要改變,請投1號Ping Wong!」
支持者:David Webb、Dr. Robin Bradbeer、吳其彥教授及鄭斌彬創業者

HKIRC Election Banner with Supporters

david webb

“I am voting for Ping Wong to bring change to dotHK.”
– David M. Webb, Founder, Webb-site.com



Robin Bradbeer“We need Ping for the future of .hk. She is full of new and exciting ideas.”
Dr. Robin Bradbeer, retiring Deputy Chair, Board of Directors, HKIRC



Joseph Ng“Vote for Ping because I believe she can make things happen.”
Prof. Joseph Ng, Research Centre Director and Former Vice Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong.



Ben Cheng“To innovate and improve .hk, we need a young and energetic director, vote for Ping Wong.”
Ben Cheng, young entrepreneur, Co-founder, OurSky 


Dear HKIRC/ .hk Member,
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi (聖雄甘地)

Let’s create change together! It will only take you one minute to help make a difference!

Please follow the instruction in the HKIRC email (From: hkirc@pwcpa.com.hk) or Voting Instruction, and vote now!  The deadline for eVoting is 19 May (Tue), 6.30pm!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ping@pingwong.hk

Thank you!
Best Wishes,
Ping Wong
Candidate No. 1 (2015 Election)
My Bio & Platform: pingwong.hk